To all our Winter Jam Volunteers…Thank You!

Winter Jam was a huge success both spiritually and outwardly. Check out what all went on at this year’s show:

With a HUGE shout from our Premier staff, we would like to say that the Spotlight Volunteers were top notch in all areas! We had a wonderful volunteer team that displayed enthusiasm and servanthood! Thank you Spotlight volunteers, you were wonderful!

-Jane Wikerson, OKC Street Team Leader

There were many others who praised our volunteers, saying that OKC was the best show of the week and that our volunteers are among the best they’ve had!

Because of our amazing volunteers and their hard work, we saw thousands of people hear the name of Jesus proclaimed, and many of them come to know Christ. Seeing lives changed for His glory is what Winter Jam and this ministry are all about!

Year of Firsts

For the first time since we can remember, we were able to fill all of the volunteer spots that the tour needed! There were several people who brought along friends and family to help make the night possible, so thanks to you! A very special thanks to Teen Challenge of Oklahoma City, who provided over 20 volunteers and kept the doors open all night long!

This was also the first year that we partnered with other ministries at Winter Jam. We had the privilege of working with KLOVE & Air1 Radio, and the for King & Country merch team. It was great to work with those teams again. These partners also brought us on to assist in our first ever Tulsa, OK volunteer experience, which was an amazing adventure! We look forward to seeing them again at the Priceless Tour and the Bible Tour this month.

Again, thanks to all our volunteers for making every show we do possible! Thank you for keeping the Spotlight on Him. We hope to see you soon!

To God be the Glory!

Katie Fleming (Director of Operations)

Do you have pictures from your volunteer experience at Winter Jam or another event? We would love to share them on our website! Email your favorites to and we’ll add them to our collection!


To the Winter Jam crew and bands: Thank you for letting us into your world for a day. We have never felt so welcome or appreciated. We loved getting to serve with you and can’t wait till next year!

P.S. You may remember we were supposed to have a giveaway for our Winter Jam volunteers. Because of a technical difficulty, we are still trying to complete our volunteer list and the extra entries earned in order to draw a name. We will notify you asap!


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