Frequently Asked Questions

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P.S. We know it seems like there’s a lot of “rules”, but we and the tours have them in place to keep everyone safe and the show running smoothly.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

All Volunteers must be age 18 or older.

[There are very few shows and venues that allow minors to volunteer. Those will only be labeled as such on the event info on Eventbrite. You still must be at least age 16 [sometimes 14-15 with a parent] and your parent or guardian will need to sign the Spotlight Liability Waiver for you to participate.]

What kind of events do you work with?

Please see our Partners page for a general idea of who we work with.

Can I bring my children? / Will there be childcare available?

All volunteers must be 16 years or older. Please make other arrangements for children under 16.

Can I bring my friends with me?

You can most certainly tell your friends about Spotlight and have them volunteer with you! Occasionally we have some positions where large groups can sign up, but we still need everyone’s individual information. Everyone else needs to register separately. See our Upcoming Events page to sign up.

Do I get a free ticket to the show if I volunteer?

As a volunteer, you will get to enter the venue free of charge, but we cannot guarantee you will see all of the show. The reason Spotlight exists is to serve, not to get into shows for free.

Will I get a backstage pass?

You will not get to go backstage while you are at the venue at any time. We sometimes have a few backstage positions, but they are reserved for very experienced members of our team.

Will I be able to get autographs and/or pictures with the artists?

Working with Spotlight requires a professional attitude and atmosphere, not a fan one. While you are working you will not be allowed to ask for autographs or pictures. We also ask that you not distract them with unprofessional questions or conversations. They are there to work as well.

If there is an OFFICIAL signing line that night, and the staff member overseeing your position has released you (please do not ask), then you may stand in line with the rest of the ticket holders. For more on do’s and don’ts while working with Spotlight, visit our Volunteer Survival Guide page.

Will there be free meals?

You will need to eat before you come to the venue, or bring a snack or money to buy food while you are there (depends on venue). You may always bring water.

What do I get for working at the show?

You get the joy of serving others! You will not receive compensation for any expenses you incur while working at the concert. Spotlight and the Tour are not required or expected to compensate or reward you for your time or service.

What volunteer positions are available?

Every event has its own list of available positions. These vary depending on the tour’s needs. The positions available on the Eventbrite page are what we have. If none interest you, either keep checking back for updates, or maybe Spotlight isn’t the right place for you to serve. We want our volunteers to be excited about serving in this capacity!

Do I get to choose where I work at the show?

You may choose the position you would prefer to work in when you register via Eventbrite. However, due to the possibility of no-shows and schedule changes, you may be placed somewhere else upon arrival.

I have a physical disability or am limited in what I can do. How can I help?

We are so grateful that you want to help with this ministry! This is a common question and unfortunately, we are not always able to accommodate everyone. For the sake of time, we try to fill as many volunteer positions as possible with those that can perform the duties required, and then we definitely do our best to accommodate others. If this applies to you, please contact us directly so we can plan ahead. Thanks!

The position I want is filled. / All of the positions are sold out!

You will have to sign up for the wait-list on Eventbrite which usually opens when all of the positions are filled. You will then be notified when a spot opens up.

Is my registration refundable/transferable?

Please say it isn’t so! We are counting on everyone to be there and no shows/cancellations reflect badly on everyone involved. If there is an emergency and you definitely cannot be at the event, please inform us immediately! We will need to inform the event promoter. If someone would like to take your place, you will need to unregister and that someone will need to register separately.

Is Spotlight or the tour liable for incidents that happen at the show?

All volunteers must sign the Spotlight Release Liability Waiver before working at any event which covers us, the tour/band we are working with, and the venue.

I’m an artist and need people to help at my show. Can you guys get volunteers?

Please contact us via our Contact page and we will direct you to the person you need to speak with.