Volunteer Survival Guide

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Concert Survival Kit

  • Ticket – DONT FORGET your Eventbrite ticket and ID!
  • Snack – Eat beforehand and bring a snack to skip the lines and high prices.
  • Water bottle – You can always bring in outside water!
  • Cell Phone – We may need to call you, you may need to call us, you may need to call your merch manager…
  • Charger – Nothing is worse than a dead phone at a concert! Pick up a portable charger to avoid using a wall plug! (Amazon, Target $)
  • Cash – Food, parking, merch…
  • Chapstick – As a volunteer, you will talk a lot! You’re gonna want your own chapstick.
  • Handsanitizer – You’ll be coming into contact with a lot of people! Keep a mini bottle on hand so you’ll get home well! (Walgreens, Walmart $)
  • Sharpie – For if you get to stand in that autograph line!
  • Jacket – You will be cold at some point during the night…
  • Comfy Shoes – You will be standing/walking for most of the night.
  • Ear plugs – Optional, but you may want to have these in case you end up on the floor…even the staff wears them so no judgement! (Walmart $)
  • Hair ties – When your hair gets caught on a booth for the third time, you’ll want one of these…
  • Watch – Trust us. This will save your phone battery, energy, and time!
  • Backpack – If all this won’t fit in your pockets, we suggest bringing a small backpack, purse, or fanny pack (no shame) that you don’t have to take on & off and keep an eye on all night.


Volunteer Guide

Do be on time

Always, always, always be on time! We cannot guarantee that you will be allowed in the venue or be able to volunteer if you are late, especially if you miss check-in or training. The time that you should arrive is in your ticket description when you register. You will also receive reminder emails. No-shows are frowned upon. Please contact us asap via the emergency number on your ticket if you will be late or will not be able to make it.

Do bring your Eventbrite ticket and ID

Everyone must bring a photo ID and their Eventbrite ticket. Even if you have worked with us before. For security reasons, we and the venue have the right to turn anyone away who do not have these documents with them.

Do wear comfortable footwear

Beauty is pain, and there will definitely be a lot of it if you choose not to wear comfortable shoes. You will most likely be standing the entire time so plan accordingly.

Do wear appropriate clothing

We advise you to wear comfortable clothing, but still look presentable, modest, and family-friendly. We have no control over the tour asking you to change or leave. You should be prepared for the weather and venue as well. It could be 100 degrees outside but 50 inside.

Do read up on the artists

Working at a concert almost guarantees that someone will ask you a question about the artist. Especially if you are running a merchandise table. Make sure you pay close attention while the tour staff is training you for any job.

Do eat before you come

There will not always be food available for purchase at the event. If the venue does provide food for purchase, you may not have a chance to get some. We will, however, make sure everyone stays hydrated.

Don’t bring a lot of things with you

There is always the chance that your things could get lost or stolen. At best you might have to carry them around with you. Neither is very fun.

Don’t fangirl, or fanguy

While you are working, you are expected to act in a professional manner.  We want to create an atmosphere where the artist and their staff can do their job and not feel pressured by “fans”. The tour staff are very strict about this matter. If you are acting inappropriately, you may be asked to leave or not to volunteer again.

Don’t ask for pictures or autographs

Please respect the artists’ privacy. Please also respect that they are working and will not have time for personal chats. This is considered inappropriate and you may be asked to leave by us or the tour staff.

Don’t ask for free stuff

We are there to serve others. Not to gain any type of compensation or rewards.

Don’t go where you’re not supposed to go

Do NOT try to go somewhere in the venue that you are not authorized to be in. If you are caught doing this you may be banned from working future Spotlight events, events with that artist or promoter, or attending events at that venue altogether. If you need to go somewhere that you do not have a pass for, someone with one will escort you. You will always be notified of this ahead of time. (Accidents do happen. If you see a security guard blocking your way…turn around…)

Do take cover when the techs do

There may be instances where there might be a loud explosion associated with the pyrotechnics, etc. If you see the technicians cover their ears, you may want to do the same!

Don’t take certain pictures

Please do not take and post pictures while you are busy working. You may do so if you are on a break and/or after you get home. Do not take ANY pictures backstage. Do not post ANY pictures of volunteer passes, volunteer stickers, volunteer badges or pins, and access passes. This is a security issue and is highly frowned upon by all tour and production staff and you will be blocked from working for Spotlight in the future. Sharing such pictures with others will result in action from the tour and venue.

Do be prepared to work long and hard

Most shows usually last until 11pm. You will be informed of an approximate ending time. You will always be released before midnight. Please let us know if you will need to leave early. We may have to ask you to try working another show or put you in a certain position. Working with Spotlight can be very physically and emotionally demanding, but is also very rewarding!

Do have fun!


*These guidelines are similar to our Non-disclosure, Confidentiality, and Conduct Agreement.